Excerpt from “Do What Makes Your Heart Sing”

“Wait for a bite!” the dad shouted to his young daughter. The little girl reeled her line in once again only to find an empty hook. Just moments before, tired of watching the plastic red and white fishing bobber float peacefully on the surface of the water, she grew impatient, and pretended to do all the things that real fisherman do. She yanked the pole fiercely from side to side and reeled in the fishing line, finally dislodging the last of her bait.

Waiting is no fun. Even worse, it can be a bore. Time seems to go by so slowly as we wait in line at the bank or post office. We wait for traffic to move in front of us. We wait for the oblivious driver of the red van to take his sweet time backing out of his parking space so we can nab it for ourselves. We wait to find our next project, one that inspires us. We wait… and we wait… and we wait!

Like the little girl who went fishing with her father, we get tired of waiting for the pull so we start to push. We try to force things to happen, even at the risk of going home empty-handed. We’ll do anything – anything – but wait.

This pull that I am referring to is that first magical twinkle of inspiration that zestfully compels us to move toward something that really turns us on, beckoning us to “come-hither” as we are drawn like a magnet to play a new game purely for the sake of playing it. And we know deep down that we must seize these moments right away or the muse will evaporate just as surely as the snowflake that has ended its flight as it hits the ground.

But when the fish aren’t biting, when we can’t find something to do that turns us on, what is there to do? Where do we go looking for the next big thing to add flavor to our lives?

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