What people are saying about Comfort, Healing and Joy

Comfort, Healing, and Joy is a caring guide that ushers us into claiming our birthright of inner and outer wholeness. It is a most excellent medicine for healing any sense of lack, limitation or unworthiness, and for stepping into the innate capacities of the human heart and spirit. Savor it!”

—Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

“Reading Comfort, Healing, and Joy is like listening to a wise and caring friend. Dr. David Fox has written a very readable guide for dealing with life’s challenges and questions, through practical and personal examples of triumph and inspiration.”

—Patrick Losinski, executive director, Columbus Metropolitan Library

“Dr. David Fox writes from the heart and shares his inspiration through personal stories, metaphors and useful tips. Reading this insightful book will guide you to live a richer and more meaningful life.”

—Diana Drake Long, co-author of Power & Soul, Create the Business & Life of Your Dreams

“Dr. David Fox is deeply respected for his compassion and commitment to medicine. His words are honest and get to the core of… finding true happiness.”

—David P. Blom, President and CEO, Ohio Health Corporation

“Buckle up. David gets real in this book! His use of compelling real life stories and practical tips about how to be happier and live a truly fulfilled life is raw and real. This is a down to earth, honest look at happiness and what it takes to live a fulfilled life, especially for those who struggle in this area. For those who think that happiness is just a pipedream or catch-phrase, this book will challenge your deepest, darkest, inner-most happiness gremlins!”


—Meredith Liepelt CEO, www.RichLifeMarketing.com

Comfort, Healing and Joy is like having your personal life coach sitting in the same room with you. This book wraps its arms around you… an undertow of strength and motivation so when you finish the last page you are full of joy and peace.”


—Jann Marks, Chief Nursing Officer, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

“A straightforward journal that explores the attributes of an enjoyable life and shares simple mental tools for embracing a happier existence.”


—Kathleen Starkoff, Chief Information Officer, The Ohio State University

“The wisdom in Comfort, Healing, and Joy will naturally appeal to, and assist, those in pain, perhaps due to depression, anxiety or grief, but we all should take note of this book, regardless of how content we are with our lives. Dr. David Fox offers each of us guidance in finding our way to a more magnificent and fulfilled life.”


—Sara Sukalich, M.D.

“David Fox is a physician whose… success stems from high academic achievements always tempered with his own life experiences. This book distills, honestly and sympathetically, the problems he faced and helps others face. It is not a “how to” book but a “can do” book. For those principles, it is of extreme value.”


—Dr. Burton R. Saidel

“David Fox is an amazing young man of talent and character. Having known David since his earliest years,he continues to inspire and convey beauty to the lives of others, through his person and words. His book fulfills a need, in our age of disenchantment, and disillusionment,where despair overrides We often live with a no hope mood of nothingness…David brings hope and empowerment as we uncover our inner gifts; which we did not acknowledge!”

—Rabbi Samuel B. Press

“Comfort, Healing, and Joy is full of amazingly powerful ideas shared in an engaging poetic style. It will change the way you look at life in a wonderful way.”

—Mike Robbins, author, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

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